Basic Blackjack Card Counting Skills

Generally speaking, for 6deck or 8deck bj, betting efficiency is the most important, which means that basically how many bets you place is more important than how you want to play. In the bj of 2deck or 1deck, playing efficiency accounts for a large proportion, so for this kind of game, you must choose an algorithm with high playing efficiency.

Considering the practicality, here I will introduce the algorithm I often use to you. In 6deck, I use hi-low count, 789 is not counted, 10 and A are counted as -1, and 2-6 is counted as 1. Point, 9 is good for the player, so one trades each other. In 2deck, I will improve this algorithm and make A a side count. So I have 2 counting systems in my mind. One is containing A. The count given to me by this algorithm determines how big I bet, and the other is not containing A. 10 counts -1, 3-6 counts 1. This algorithm The resulting count determines how I play the cards in my hand.

Algorithm Skills Are Difficult To Master

I suffered a bit from the 2deckgame in the casino at first, and then I realized that the game penetration was too bad, and it was really not worth it. I now want to find a better 2deck game in las vegas. If A is used as a side count and 1-8 times the betting spread, it is definitely a dead win. The trend of 2deck game cards is much easier to predict than 6deck.

So if you want to study bj, you must study how to play 2deck or 1deck. Once you encounter this kind of game with good rules, you will make a lot of money. Finally, for some people who occasionally go to the casino to play bj, the easiest way to count the cards, A-5 count, is very simple, that is, if the cards that appear in the middle of the card are played, the Aces are more or 5 are more. It can be a little bit more piezoelectric, if A comes out, there will be less pressure. The reason is simple, A is the most beneficial to the player, and 5 is the most beneficial to the crop. If you make a 1-2 betting spread, this algorithm is basically a good game that can break even. But this is a very simple algorithm, so it is only suitable for people who play occasionally, people who don’t want to learn count, or people who really can’t count. Don’t come to me if you lose.

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